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Strawberries and seedlings from Paimio

Cultivating strawberries is the biggest part of our operations. We cultivate strawberries in different varieties on the Paimio fields.

  • We invest in the quality of the berries in the cultivation phase, and observe its implementation in picking and selling the berries.
  • Quality control is done with our berry-picking and quality control programme, with which we can trace the strawberry to the correct growing section, as well as the berry-picker and time of picking. With the same system, we keep a reliable record of the picking operations of the berry-pickers.
  • Berry-picking is made directly into the sales containers / boxes, avoiding extra processing rounds.
  • In berry-picking and packaging, we use hygienic rubber gloves.

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The opening times for our Farm Shop during the winter season
On Saturdays 10-16 or per agreement


During October, our Farm Shop sells fresh raspberries, broccoli and corn. Products sold around the year include additive- and preservative-free juice concentrates and Aarni’s Aitomehu juice, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry frozen foods, green peas, flax products, Hereford sausage, flour and ice-cream.

You can also pick your own strawberries

You can also come spend a lovely summer day on our farm and pick strawberries yourself! If you come to pick strawberries, remember to bring weather-appropriate equipmentrain gear when it rains, a hat and water bottle when it is hot. If you wish, you can bring your own picking containers. We will guide you with self-picking on the spot, and when you have picked enough berries, we will weigh the products for you to pay.

Berries ready for the freezer!

We freeze berries also for winter season sales. You can order berries ready frozen or get them from our farm shop at a time convenient for you! You can also find frozen berries in a few K-markets, call us and we will direct you to your nearest shop!

- We pick frozen berries directly into freezer containers; in this way, the berries are fresh and high-quality when frozen

- Berries frozen in wind tunnels will be frozen faster than in the home freezer, which ensures that the berries remain separate, and due to their even composition they melt more evenly.

Frozen in 300 g containers:

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Highbush blueberry
  • Blueberry

Strawberry varieties

Polka - A Dutch late variety from 1987, with good cold-resistance. The berries are fresh, sweet and low in aroma, firm in composition. Polka strawberries have a strong red colour, and their flesh is also quite red. The berries are medium size or large, round or wide cone-shaped. Polka is a good variety for eating and freezing.

Sonata - Medieval Sonata ripens a few days earlier than Polka. The sweet and firm berries are bright red, with a glossy surface and a regular cone-shape.

Rumba - An early variety from the Netherlands, ripens at the same time as Honeoye. Round, cone-shaped, glossy and large, deep red berries are easy to pick.

• Honeye - A North American early variety from 1979. The large, even-sized berries have a hard surface and survive transportation well. They are mildly sour and pleasantly juicy in taste.

• Clery - An early variety from Italy, with glossy, bright red, sweet berries.

Flair - A Dutch early variety, with bright red, glossy, firm berries with a hard surface, and their taste is sweeter than Honeye.

Wendy - A fresh-tasting early variety that ripens slightly earlier than Honeyo. The berries are large, round cone-shaped, and suitable for freezing.

• Malwina NEW! - A late variety with a good harvest, with dark, very sweet and aromatic berries. Good disease resistance, not vulnerable to rain. Suitable for direct sales and self-picking.

• Daroyal NEW! - An early variety, 3-6 days earlier than Honeyo, durable and good harvest, in the tunnel or open land. The berries are big and tasty, very good for direct sales.

• In greenhouse Elsanta - A Dutch strawberry from 1982. Its berries are sweet and mild, glossy and firm, and big in size throughout the season.

We have selected these varieties due to customer feedback, transport durability, taste and direct sales.

Further information regarding the varieties is available on the Fruit and Berry Farmers’ website.

Berry containers

All containers are equipped with an EAN code.
Container sizes are: 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 1.5 kg (basket), 5 kg box, 8 litre box

Mansikka Paimio

Strawberry seedlings

We also provide Henselmans nursery seedlings directly from the producer. Read more from this brochure!

Mansikan taimet Paimio

Here is the price list for the strawberry seedlings!

If you are a strawberry cultivator, please contact us and we will make you an offer.

Juices and jams

We also make juices and jams from our farm’s own berries. Take a look, you will love them! The containers have EAN codes.


Mehut ja hillot Paimio

You will find our products at:

  You will find our products inside the shop, and also in our sales point outside during summer time

  You will find our products inside the shop

Berry sales points:

  Farm shop (Juntolantie 413)

  Paimion strawberry stand spurila

  Paimion K-supermarket

  Liedon K-supermarket

  Hannunniitun K-supermarket

  Naantalin Aurinkoinen (Nuhjala)

  Kaarina Center

  Kaarinan K-supermarket Katariina

  Paraisten K-supermarket 

  Someron K-supermarket 

  Pirkkatori K-supermarket (Halikko)

  Kuninkojan K-supermarket (Raisio) 

  K-Supermarket Mustapekka (Helsinki)

  Jumbon Citymarket (Vantaa) 

  K-Supermarket Pajala (Järvenpää)

In addition to berry sales points, you will also find our products at:

  K-Citymarket Kupittaa (Turku)

  K-Citymarket Länsikeskus (Turku)

  K-Citymarket Skanssi (Turku)

  K-Citymarket Forssa

  K-Citymarket Jyväskylä

  K-Citymarket Seinäjoki

  K-Supermarket Forssa

  Alemakasiini (Äänekoski)

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