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Other services

In addition to maintaining a tourist farm and cultivating strawberries and vegetables, we also provide other services in the Paimio area. We provide e.g. woodwork, direct seeding services, packaging services and firewood. Please contact us!

Woodwork / AarniWorks

Puutyöt Paimio

So far, our product collection consists mainly of clocks. The price of strawberry clocks with 1-year warranty is EUR 35.

Other types of clocks are also available per order (price according to agreement). Delivery to our sales points or from our shop. Orders mainly by e-mail or text message (due to school days) at 040 737 6321. Order now!

Please remember that we also do woodwork.

Direct seeding service with 20 years of experience

We perform direct seeding with 20 years of experience and with the new 3 m Väderstad Rapid Super XL machine. We also implement seeding to lightly modified and ploughed soil according to your wishes. Please contact us during the spring, and we will tell you more!

Antti Alanne tel. 0400 224 694 or tel. 02 470 3071.

Ploughing and sanding services

In the winter, we provide snow ploughing and sanding services according to agreement. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Auraus- ja hiekoituspalvelut Paimio

Packaging services

We can also perform freight packaging to consumer packaging, e.g. green peas.


You can also order firewood with us, and pick them up or alternatively order a delivery to the neighbouring areas. Contact us for further info!

Polttopuut Paimio